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House Extensions and Alterations

House Extensions

House extensions are a great way to retain your existing location, even when a growing family requires additional living space. The scope of the extension is only limited by your imagination. Contact us to find out more.


  • Brookland extension before1

    House extensions Brookland, the house, ready for the extension

  • Brookland extension during2

    House extensions Brookland. Removing the old floor before building the extension.

  • Brookland extension new floor.3

    House extensions Brookland, building the new floor

  • Brookland extension after4

    House extensions Brookland, the completed home extension

Home Alterations

We were called in to a property that, while stately and charming for its age, still needed a bit of a makeover. We did a variety of things including

  • removing an interior load bearing wall to open up the living space in the family room
  • removing the old brick chimney
  • relocation of the gas fireplace
  • installing new tv cabling. We worked with the great people at on that one
  • building a new patio space, with slate tiling and an exterrnal gas fireplace. This will a great entertainment space on warm Summer evenings.

Contact us to find out more!


  • Khandallah house alteration. Before work started 1

    Home Alterations Khandallah, Wellington. House alteration, the "before" shot.

  • Khandallah house alteration. Unstable chimney before removal. 2

    Home Alterations Khandallah house alteration. The unstable chimney before removal.

  • Khandallah house alteration chimney being removed. 3

    Home Alterations Khandallah: the chimney being removed.

  • Khandallah house alteration. Altered interior space. 4

    Home Alterations Khandallah, the altered interior space

  • Khandallah job completed 2

    Home Alterations Khandallah, the completed home alteration project

Home Alterations: Island Bay

Another example of the value added by home alterations and extensions. A new outdoor living area, natural light flooding in from roof windows and an open plan living area.


  • Island bay Existing house before work began1

    Home Alterations Island Bay. The house before work began

  • Island Bay Deconstruction 2

    Home Alterations Island Bay, Wellington. The house before deconstruction.

  • Island Bay Framing stage3

    Home Alterations Island Bay. The house at the framing stage.

  • Island Bay finished with complete new Coloursteel roof4

    Home Alterations Island Bay, the finished alteration with complete new Coloursteel roof

  • Island Bay PSP roof. UV warranty for 30 years5

    Home Alterations The Island Bay house with a new PSP roof. UV warranty for 30 years

  • Island Bay New outdoor living space 6

    Home Alterations Island Bay, the new outdoor living area

  • Island Bay roof windows providing additional natural light7

    Home Alterations Island Bay. The new roof windows provide additional, natural, light

  • Island Bay open plan interior8

    Home Alterations Island Bay. The new, open plan interior.

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